Automotive Frame and Unibody Repair

Butler Collision Repair has a class leading automotive Frame and Body shop serving Medford and Ashland Oregon. Our highly skilled Technicians will restore your vehicle after a major collision or minor tweaks your vehicle may have.

Our highly trained and skilled frame and body technicians will restore your frame back to factory spec. We have specialized frame repair equipment to measure where your frame of body is bent and by how much. We work to then straighten the frame, or replace damaged elements and align it all back to exactly where it was when it shipped from the factory.

  • High tech sonar measurement devices to align frame
  • two heavy duty frame racks to repair even heavy duty trucks.
  • Computer technology to measure frame and have reference of all factory specifications


Booth Lighting System

We have outfitted our paint booths with a new lighting technology that matches the Sun’s hue & light output. This fantastic new lighting system ensures that while we are painting your vehicle we are seeing it how it will look when it is finished outside. It is this kind of technology we employ that makes it so we can guarantee that you will love the results when we are finished repairing a vehicle.

Quality Paint Job

At Butler Collision Repair all vehicles are sprayed with top quality PPG Automotive paint. This paint has been tested to meet your vehicles manufacturer standards to be certified. Our paint is computer matched to your vehicle’s current finish, which is more accurate than a human eye.

Our shop has three paint booths which have a down-draft ventilation system to guarantee that the sprayed on paint finish is free from any contamination.

We use Quality Paint

In the interest of being eco-friendly our paint department uses only waterborne paint which, unlike its urethane counterpart, dries within minutes, applies evenly, emits little to no volatile organic compounds, and dispenses only water vapor, posing no threat to human health.  Waterborne paint has the added benefit of improved appearance leaving freshly applied color clean, uniform, and at no risk of “die-back”, the frustrating tendency of some paint to lose brightness and depth over time.

Collision Repair with a Smile.

If you have any questions please give us a call we are always happy to help.