Repair Process


Vehicle Drop Off

You’ve been in an accident and you made the Butler decision and dropped your car off at our collision repair facility. Our team will get started¬†asap with you and your insurance to get your car back on the road.

Body, Frame, and Unibody repair

Your car starts in the body shop where we remove all the damaged parts and perform body and frame repair work.

Paint Shop

After the body work has been repaired your car is moved into the paint shop where it and all components are painted. We use waterborne PPG paint, and match the OEM color coded paint with a computer system.

Reassembly in the Body Shop

Your car is moved back into the body shop where everything is put back to where it goes. All repairs are well within the stringent manufacturer specifications and other systems are repaired at this phase as well, such as engine, A/C system, or other Drivetrain.

Customer Delivery

This is our favorite part, we reunite you with your vehicle. Before we hand over the keys we go over all of our work to double check all the repairs are quality which we are proud of. We know you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your keys and we are glad you do trust us and we want to be sure it is clear we respect and have taken care of your vehicle.